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Wudan Dragon Sword

According to legend there was once two great styles of the sword play in China. Alas one was completely lost. The other lineage was carried through to the present day and is known as Wu Dan Dragon Sword. Wu Dan is a Sacred Daoist mountain and also the alleged home of the art of Tai Chi Chuan. The Dragon moves in twisting and hidden ways. Suddenly appearing or hiding in the clouds. It requires flexibility and agility. As such this art is great for developing a supple back and waist. However, the sword is controlled through the wrist.

The sword used is a Jian. This double edged straight sword is light, very sharp and utilises both stabbing and cutting actions. It is not a heavy chopping tool. Rather it uses precise movements more akin to a surgeon's scalpel. Using the sword extends your sphere of influence. It also greatly improves your handling of all tools. Your energy must project further and through another object. Wu Dan Dragon Sword is a great progression from Tai Chi but also stands alone as a true and complete system in it's own right.

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