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Balance and energy for mind, body and spirit, in Bristol & the West Country.
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Chinese martial and healing arts have enjoyed a close relationship into antiquety.  They developed together from the same philosophical roots in Taoism. The concept of health is different to the Western approach.  We tend to think of either being well or unwell.  It is black and white.  However, in the East health is viewed as a spectrum which is always changing. All aspects of our lives play a part, which is why treatment will usually include several approaches and include lifestyle advice.


Sifu Dove draws on his 30 year experince with Master Lam.  He also completed a 5 year apprentiship in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Henry McGrath with clinical instruction from George Cooper. Both are experienced TCM practitioners and aknowledged authors in the field.  As with all aprentiships they never end and Tony continues to study this broad art.  Sifu Dove is a member of the Asociation of TCM,- ATCM UK.


Initial appointments usually last one and a half hours as a detailed history is taken including lifestyle habits.  The pulse and tongue and posture may also be examined.  Treatment protocols are then discussed and agreed with the patient.



This in the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body.  The purpose is to re balance the body's energy/qi.  The needles are left in for about 20 mins during which the patient is asked to rest and do nothing.



This herb has a long assocition with acupunture in China.  Here heat from burning the herb is used to either disperse blocked chi or build and warm where it is lacking or cold. Sometimes it is burnt on the needle or on a small plate on the skin.  It is also burnt in a cigar form and held near the skin.  Tony has combined his Zhan Zhuang knowlegde into this practice.



Cupping and Gua Sha

These two techniques are used to move stagnant or locked fluid through suction and skin scraping.  Although very effective they can leave bruise like marks so are only used rarely and with prior agreement.  The Gua Sha tool is also used for diagnosis.


Dit Da

Literally Beaten and Fallen, this is the martial artist's skill.  Using a combination of massage and stretching to release tensions in the physical structure.

ZhuYou or Jup Yao the Thirteenth Branch

A generally less well known aspect of Chinese Medicine using directed energy to assist the patient. This is used in support of other methods or on its own. 


All treatments will include lifestyle advice.  We have the habit of trying to give our problem to the Doctor to fix.   Here it is handed back to you to take charge if yourself.  Some treatments will only work if the advice is followed.  If this is difficult then please discuss this during your appointment. 


Personal plans may include-



Herbal formulae made for the individual may be offered.  Chinese herb use includes thousands of years of cultivation of hundreds of herbs. These are supplied in a powdered form drunk as a tea usually twice a day.  A month's supply costs about £35. Raw herbs may also be added to your diet.  For more information about herbs click here-



We are what we eat.  Recommendations are based on your existing habits and needs. Remember there is an interplay between your constitution and the food you take in.  Experience has found that simple diet changes can have a profound healing effect.  It is not all bad news however, you are as likely to be asked to add items as remove them from your eating habits. 


Exercise and Rest

Exercise habits will be discussed if necessary.  In our modern world it is often how we rest that can be more important.  Of course joining a Qi Gong class is always beneficial.


Zhan Zhuang, Ba Duan Jin and Dao Yin

These systems are used to build and improve the flow of energy in the body.  For chronic conditions this is where you have the chance to take back some control.   Some advice is simple and short term, some is not and may take a while to develop.  Regular practice (preferably including attendance in a class) are paramount for this aspect to have the best chance of you healing yourself.


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Sifu Dove's TCM Teachers-

Henry McGrath

George Cooper