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Balance and energy for mind, body and spirit, in Bristol & the West Country.

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi’s main practice centres in slow and gentle movements. 

    Over time, one discovers a feeling of balance and stillness within the movement. 

     The continuous flow of movement leads the practitioner to ‘move like a great river’.

    In Chinese, this symbol is called Tai Chi. It represents the harmonious interplay of Yin and Yang energy within the circle of the Universe.

    The martial art based on the ideas expressed by this symbol is called Tai Chi Chuan. 

    Chinese culture recognises that the practice of Tai Chi Chuan is a very effective form of self-defence, and a profound health exercise.
     Master Lam sums up this idea by saying : 'Everyday, we fight for our health'.


The practice of Tai Chi Chuan is based on the principles of harmony, attentiveness and flow. It's like the ocean: fluid and soft, yet containing the power to bring down mountains.
    First, the parts of the body are gently brought into harmony with themselves. This encourages the body's natural healing processes, and is the foundation for effective movement.
    Then, the mind is gently brought into harmony with the body. This process brings clarity and peace. This state of mind is the foundation for effective action.
    Every aspect of life is enhanced when mind and body are in harmony.

     In historical China, health and martial practices were passed down within strictly guarded traditions. Tony is a direct student of Master Lam Kam Chuen.
    Master Lam's lineage includes: two schools of Tai Chi Chuan, Northern and Southern Shaolin (kung fu), Choy Lee Fut, professional Chinese Medical practice, Chi Kung,  and training with the Hong Kong Royal Constabulary. Master Lam has over 30 years experience teaching in the West, so his Tai Chi is authentic, and accessible to Westerners.
    Directly following this tradition means Tony brings a wealth of practical experience to his classes.

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