Summer Update

Summer Update 2021 Classes have taken a break until August 2. From then-

The restrictions on numbers of people in a class have been lifted. As a result there is now no need to pre-book online, you can just turn up and pay on the door (card or cash). This does mean classes may be fuller. Please do not attend if you have Covid symptoms have been pinged or are generally ill.

You can ware a mask if you prefer and most venues encouage it. Masks are not advised whilst training. Social distancing is no longer enforced but advised. Please use handsanitiser entering buildings Track and trace is no longer enforced but you are free to use the NHS App Qcodes.

The Delta variant is in our area right now so please take sensible precautions. The vaccine has been shown to offer a level of protection, mixed with common sense we should be safe.

Tuesday Advanced Zhan Zhuang Class The Tuesday evening Zhan Zhuang class in Portishead will be taking a break until the autumn. The Wednesday Zhan Zhuang and Tai Chi classes will continue through the summer. It is a great time to encourage friends to join. These classes are also available on zoom but please let me know a few hours before by text if you want to join so I can set the equipment up.

Retained Pathogen Syndrome This syndrome has been explored and addressed for a long time in Chinese medicine. It includes diseases such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Rheumatoid Arthritis. It also includes long term retained viral loads such as Shingles, Limes and now Long Covid. There is a short article about this and RA in my blog. I have a supply of supplements and herbs which may help these conditions but requires a (Zoom or real world) herbal consultation. Zhan Zhuang is also advised for anyone with these conditions. Please contact me for details.

Treatments I am taking a break forrm direct treatments until November at the earliest. This includes acupuncture, gua sha and massage. I am however offering herbal consultations. I also stock a variety of individual herbs, herbal self heating packs and the locally made Balm Tiger ( a more natural version of the famous Tiger Balm) at very reasonable prices. I also make Dit Da Jows (linements for arthritis, pain, accidents etc) and kits for tonic wines and Dit Da jow. Private classes for personal health needs are also available and indeed encouraged. With 30 years experience I have found many simple routines that can help for balance improvement, freeing painful and stiff joints, untreatable pain, retained pathogen syndrome, insomnia, migraine and emotional disturbances to name a few.

YouTube The regular YouTube sessions have now stopped. A huge thank you to everyone that contributed to keep it going for so long. 100s of video session have been made. Keep an eye out as they may be reposted now and then. I am also looking at collating them for either a DVD or pay to view format in the near future. Many people said how important the practice became for them. The most common comment was the fact that regular practice yields great results. This was true for new and longer in the tooth students. Take not, a little everyday makes you feel better.

Enjoy but stay safe in the heat

Warm regards and looking forward to seeing you in more natural classes from August!

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