March 17 Covid19 update

Following the Government Announcement yesterday all classes will close for the next few weeks.

They did not give an end date but said weeks to months rather than just a fortnight.

I know several of you wanted to attend despite a lockdown. My feeling is however that it is the NHS bed spaces that need protecting.

My private classes and clinic are still open in Portishead. Just a reminder that Qi Gong, Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been used to treat stress, IBS, migraine, arthritis and painful joints/muscles amongst many other issues.

I can prescribe an immune boosting formula and an antiviral formula. You must have a full consultation with me first which can be done by Skype/facetime.


I am trying to organise a daily streamed Tai Chi class on Youtube. You will need a PC or Tablet to view, that is all! See below for details.

Hopefully this will be Monday to Friday 10am

Test run starts tomorrow!

Meanwhile keep Practising

Three exercises are important for now-

Arm swinging- you all know this one. Good for your circulation and general health. Now is you chance to see what doing 1000 feels like!

Knocking on the Gate of Life- Stand straight and turn to the side allowing your arms to swing to the opposite hip. Once you get going move your weight side to side. One hand goes onto your shoulder and the other to your back.

Swimming on dry land- Make breast stroke movements with your hands. You can stand straight, one foot forward or walking.


If you can remember it, the Ba Duan Jin (8 Strand Brocade) is also useful, there is plenty about this on the internet.

Don't forget the deep breathing and double breathing exercises if needed.

Please remember that many people have just lost their income, ability to see their family and social life. We are all going to be quite stressed. Use your Tai Chi/Qi Gong to help you, and thereby help others. Please take care of yourselves and each other.

My phone will stay on please feel free to call if you need to.

Good luck!

Warm regards

Sifu Tony Dove


For youtube class-

Use either the Youtube App or search for Youtube in your browser.

In Youtube search for Tony Dove- there should be a small picture of me. I have a few old videos there!

I will open the Live stream about 9.45am

Tuesday 17 March to Friday 20 March Test Run!

10.00am Seated exercise

10.15am Standing exercise

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