Covid 19 Update 9 March 2020

Update Covid 19

According to the Government Website as of 9 am on 8 March there have been no cases reported in North Somerset, there have been 2 cases in Bristol.

Classes are still open !

They will stay open unless the government implements a change in social gatherings, like closing local schools.

I have however postponed Master Lam's Visit due at the end of March.

Private classes and my treatment clinic in Portishead and Weston remain open.

In the meantime, there are hand washing facilities in all the venues we use.

Bringing the right change minimises contact between you and other people.

Avoid class if you are unwell, especially with fever or a cough.

Avoid social physical contact, like hand shakes and hugs.

I will be teaching approaches for prevention, intervention and recovery over the next few weeks.

To keep informed, especially of class closures and re-openings-

Check the website-

Face book page- West Country Lam Association


Please give me a contact number if you haven't already or better still join my email list by sending a request to

Warm Regards


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