Welsh Workshop

What a lovely day this weekend.

A one day workshop in Tiratanaloka retreat centre in the Brecons. The centre provides courses for women training in ordination from around the world. We were very lucky to borrow some space on this rare occasion. And the weather remained perfect throughout.

The emphasis was on Yin / Yang in practice and exchanging energy. For those who have been on courses run in the Lam association manner know they tend to be hard work with much refreshment. This was no exception with hard training mixed with theory. All supported with ample tea and talk. Yin Yang is a concept with profound philosophical significance. But this weekend we investigated the physical feeling and practical use. Simple ideas leading to complex understanding, enough to keep Jack's students busy for a few years at least.

Many thanks to Jack Bland for inviting me to teach this workshop and to his family for providing food. Keep going to his classes!

Jacks webpage- http://www.dragonnation.co.uk/

The retreat centre- https://tiratanaloka.org.uk/

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