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The Saturday ZHAN ZHUANG and CHOI LI FUT Classes are now listed in this exercise membership scheme. My Acupuncture clinics are also listed. People who join the scheme pay a monthly amount to access classes. You can book places direct through the site.

New Acupuncture Clinic

I have booked some clinical space in the For All Healthy Living Centre in Weston-super-Mare on Monday afternoons. There are only four clinics before Christmas. There is ample parking and a Cafe on site.Existing students get the discount rate of £30 (usually £40)

Sword Form in the New Year

Saturday's Choi Li Fut Class will stop at Christmas. Instead there will be a Wu Dan Sword Form Class. Wu Dan is the Daoist Mountain home of many of China's martial arts. It is a complete system in it's own right and is the first form I was taught by Grand Master Lam way back in the late 80's. The straight sword known as a Jian is suitable for beginner's too so don't be shy.

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