Sifu Tony Dove

Balance and energy for mind, body and spirit, in Bristol & the West Country.

Sifu Dove has had the privilege of being a student of Grandmaster Lam's for almost 30 years. He has taught Tai Chi since 1995 and Qi Gong since 2000. He started teaching Choy Li Fut for the first time in 2016. His experience includes healing, martial and meditative aspects of these arts. Sifu Dove continues to study directly under Grandmaster Lam.

In 2000, Tony was asked to develop Falls Prevention classes of Tai Chi and Zhan Zhuang for a Primary Care Trust and Social Services, to over 50's. The benefits were scientifically measured, and the group as a whole improved out of the 'at risk of falling' category within a few months. He has since worked for more than four NHS Primary Care Trusts delivering accessible exercise to older clients.

Now established in the West Country, Tony has developed regular classes for the community, inviting everyone, regardless of age or ability. He continues to develop his speciality in teaching classes for the over 50's, those with Parkinson's and for those with chronic & acute medical conditions. He also delivers a full curriculum for those wishing to explore the deeper aspects of the arts.


Sifu Tony Dove is a student of Grandmaster Lam, who has inherited many arts from professor Yu Yong Nian and his predecessor Wang Xian Zhai. Find out more about the history of the lineage.

Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung

In Zhan Zhuang (pronounced 'Jam Jong') Chi Kung, 'Standing Like a Tree Energy Exercise'.  In practice, you stand and grow just like a tree. With no strain, and developing steadily, you establish strong foundations.

Da Chen Chuan

'The Great Achievement' and is the name given to Wang Xiang Zhai's complete art by some of his students. It is the ability to train your own body, energy and Shen (spirit or mind)

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi’s main practice centres in slow and gentle movements. Over time, one discovers a feeling of balance and stillness within the movement. The continuous flow of movement leads the practitioner to ‘move like a great river’.

Choi Li Fut

This is a method of fighting. It uses fluid body movement to create power. The style we practice is called Bak Sing Choy Li Fut. This style, credited to Sam Tam, has more emphasis on practical application.

Wudan Dragon Sword

Wu Dan Dragon Sword is one of the two great styles of sword play in china, the dragon moves in twisting and hidden ways. It requires flexibility and agility.

Over 50's and Specialist classes

Some classes are mostly seated others have a mixture of seated and standing exercise. There are no set forms to learn, just individual exercises. Benefits include better balance, increased stamina and much more.

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