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Da Chen Chuan


'The Great Achievement'

Da Cheng Chuan literally means 'The Great Achievement' and is the name given to Wang Xiang Zhai's complete art by some of his students. It is also known as Yi Chuan or simply Chinese Boxing. There are 7 stages in its training. The foundation is Zhan Zhuang which is the foundation of all the training. Then comes Shi Li or power testing. These are repetative singular and complex movements to help understand how force and qi move through the body. There is step training which trains the legs and the ability to move. There is training of the voice and sound. Pair work includes two stages, Tui Shou or sticky hands to generate sensitivity and martial application to understand the use of all that comes before. The final stage is Jian Wu or Health Dance. At this stage the practitioner expresses energy freely.

In the martial application of this art there are various roots. From Hsing Yi there are the five element fists for example. There are inputs from Baji, Tai Chi, Choi Lee Fut, Tong Len and Ba Qua to name a few. This is because Wang Xiang Zhai travelled so extensively. There is no form so each practitioner will express the art based on their experience. The difference with Da Cheng Chuan is the ability to express force in different ways, Fa Li being the most famous.

It is therefore not possible to simply learn Da Cheng Chuan as a series of movements and interplays like other martial arts. The Great Achievement is the ability to train your own body, energy and Shen (spirit or mind). This is why some call it Yi Chuan, or Mind Boxing (Lit- Intention Boxing). What is trained is on the inside.

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