Hopefully we will be able to run workshops from May

General Information

All workshops take place in the Clinic in Portishead.

Morning Sessions 10.00-12.30

Afternoon Session 14.30-17.00

Session usually have a tea break half way through. 

If you have any questions about the courses or whether they are appropriate for you ask by email.

Some courses are available on Zoom if you cannot attend in person.

Book by phone or online. 

Minimum class size 4, maximium 8. 

Intensive Courses

Consecutive full day course  10.00-5.00

Ideally for experienced students.  People new to the art should have previous experience in another art. Please contact for more details.   Morning and afternoon session with evenings free to rest or consolidate with the group.  Content will draw from Da Cheng Chuan and supporting systems depending on the group abilities and needs.

3 Day May 29-31 (Sat- Bank Holiday Monday) £200

5 Day July 26-30  (Monday-Friday)                    £330

Ba Duan Jin Course

The 8 Strand Brocade in the style of Master Lam. Probably the most famous exercise routine in China with several variations.  These four workshops will give a thourough grounding and progression of this art.

Saturdays afternoons, 2.00-5.00pm 


Part 1  5    June     The original Master Lam's and early variations for health.

Part 2  26 June      Linking Ba Duan to Zhan Zhuang and the Five elements.  (General energy building)

Part 3  17 July       Ba Duan Jin and emotional and health blockages.  (Specific use)

Part 4  7   August  Master Lam's Advanced Ba Duan Jin.  (For those with several years experience)

£37.50 each or book all four for £130.  You must attend the first course to join later courses

Watch out for other courses.

Other courses will follow.