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Hopefully we will be able to run workshops from May

An Introduction to Qi Gong



This 4 day corse will give a thourough grounding in the basics of Zhan Zhuang Qi Gong commonly known as Standing LIke a Tree.  The first six positions, movments and stepping will form the core of the course. Theory will include the history of the art, Wan Yong, Wu Chi, Yin Yang and  Five Elements.  Warm ups, varitaions for individual need and how to create your own routine will also be explored. 

The art is quite simple to start but is a treasure for a lifetime.  Ideal for complete beginners or those who wish to consolidate previous knowledge.  This coiurse will offer ample time for practice, theory and time for questions.

Applied Qi Gong

4 Saturdays

2.30- 5.30

May 22, June 19

July 17, Aug 21


Four half days in the application of Qi Gong to  help yourself and others.  
The course will show how to create specific routines for individual need and common ailments.  Practical content will include preparatory exercise, massage, energy exchange and self protection.  Theory will look at the process of disease from a TCM perspective and how to organise practice to remove blockages and strengthen weaknesses.  You will need a grounding in Zhan Zhuang before joining this workshop.  Due to the changing Covid restrictions the massage portion of the course may need to be modified.

Ba Duan Jin



Part 1

May 22, June 5

Part 2

June 19, July 3

£35/ session

Part 1 and  2

Aug 7, 10-5.30


Possibly the most famous exercise in China.  The Eight Strands of Silk are based on China's oldest exercise manual. There are many variations and applications developed over centuries.  The two half day courses will look at  Master Lam's versions combining Qi Gong and his extensive medical and martial understanding.
Part 1 The original eight exercise for health and martial prowess.
Part 2 The combined Qi Gong Ba Duan Jin of Master Lam.

Multiple dates and  Zoom Available,book a single or repeat sessions.

Qi Gong and Viral Fatigue Syndrome



June 5, July 3

£25 / session

Viral Fatigue Syndrome is becoming well known following the Covid outbreak.  Described in Traditional Chinese Medicine as Retained Pathogen it can menefest as individual problems such as chronic or recurring fatigue, pain, IBS, CFS, RA, emotional or mental disturbances and breathing dificulties. Gain self control through progresive exercise, mindfullness, lifestyle and dietary choices.
Regular support classes also available.
Multiple dates and Zoom Available

Qi Gong Intensive

3 day

May 29- 31


July 26-29


For the serious student.  Several full day's training.  The mornings will focus on core practice, variations on five elements and energy circles.  The afternoons will look at the wider asoects of the art. There are 7 main practices; posture, movement, stepping, sound, touch, application and energy dance. Elements from other systems may be included such as Dao Yin and Yi Jin Ching.  The courses are run at a relaxed pace but are demanding.
Training for 6 hours for several consecutive days has its own effect!

The courses are aimed at those with some experience of internal arts but are open to beginners with an open mind. If you have any doubts about your suitability please ask.

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