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In the West we tend to think of the term Kung Fu as meaning Chinese Martial Art. It doesn't really, Kung Fu means 'The Art' gained by years of self exploration and discipline. I prefer the translation, blood sweat and tears. However, in this case the misnomer is accurate. This is a method of fighting. It uses fluid body movement to create power. It has been used by armies and gangsters alike and tested for effectiveness.

This external martial art is credited to Chan Heung with roots in the famed Shaolin Temple. After training with his uncle, Chan trained with Master Li Yau San. He was then advised to seek Master Choy Fook who initially only agreed to teach him Buddhism. Chan then combined his learning from Masters Li and Choy adding the name Fut to honour the Buddhist and Shaolin roots. The style we practice is called Bak Sing Choy Li Fut.






Choy Li Fut

This style, credited to Sam Tam, has more emphasis on practical application than on learning many forms. Grandmaster Lam's style adds the internal work from Da Cheng Chuan making it unique within the field. I only teach it to students who have trained in other arts first.

Master Tam Sam,

founder of

Bak Sing Choy Li Fut

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