Sifu Tony Dove

Happy 2022
All Classes Currenly Closed

About The Arts

With 30 years experience the Arts taught by Sifu Tony Dove continue a historical lineage. Varied Martial and Healing traditions are followed. Find out more about their backgrounds and the people who passed them on here.


Sifu Dove teaches Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, Da Cheng Chuan, Choi Li Fut, Wudan Dragon Sword and daytime Over 50's and Tai Chi For Health classes. Find out about clases near you here.

Tradtional Chinese Treatments

Tony Dove is also a practioner of Acupuncture and other forms healing. Find out more about how you can benefit from healing sessions.

Workshops and Other News

Visit our facebook page to find keep up to date about about classes workshops and visits by Master Lam.

Video and Gallery

Not sure what the classes involve? Then have a look at our gallery of pictures and videos which will give you a flavour for what we do.

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'Practising Zhan Zhuang has helped me build greater resilience and headroom to take on more with less stress. In a busy role I struggled with 'monkey chatter' thoughts and criticisms from others would often lead me to aggressive responses. The benefits came quickly from regular practise and after 14 months I've been able to move to a more stretching role but with greater peace. This includes the realisation that the negative thoughts of others are their problem and not mine!'

- Stuart, Project Controls Senior Principal